Gilt Groupe CEO의 인사정책

Kevin Ryan, 전 Double Click CEO였고 현재 Gilt Groupe을 이끌고 있는 사람이 HBR에서 말하는 인사정책. 귀담아 들을 만한 내용들을 두서없이 적는다. 내가 과연 이 중에 얼마를 체화하고, 나는 얼마나 괜찮은 professional일지.

  • Is your head of HR one of the most important people in the company?
  • When we sit down for meetings, I frequently aks managers to review every one of their direct reports with me. 
  • Part of building a great team is learning to recognize when individuals aren’t working out and then letting them go. 
  • Don’t let a bad situation fester. A poor manager can ruin morale and damage a company’s DNA.
  • No matter how well you think you know your organization, if you suspect something’s wrong, it’s probably worse than you imagine. 
  • Resumes are good for establishing basic qualifications for the job, but not for much else. The primary problem with interviews is that it’s impossible to avoid being influenced by people who are well-spoken, present well, or are attractive. 
  • When someone doesn’t succeed in a job, it’s generally not for lack of the technical skills- it’s because of intangibles that don’t come up in an interview. Is he attentive to detail? Does she work well with others? References are really the only way to learn these things. The truth is that successful people are rarely let go: They’re hired by former bosses in other companies. 
  • Would you hire this person again? If so, why and in what capacity? If not, why not?
  • How would you describe the candidate’s ability to innovate, manage, lead and deal with ambiguity, get things done, influence others?
  • What were some of the best things this person accomplished? What could he or she have done better?
  • In what type of culture, environment, and role can you see this person excelling?In what type of role is he or she unlikely to be successful?
  • Would you describe the candidate as a leader, a strategist, an executer, a collaborator, a thinker, or something else? Can you give e some examples to support your decisions? 
  • Do people enjoy working with the candidate, and would former coworkers want to work with him or her again?
  • In what areas dos the candidate need to improve?
  • I tell my team, if good people are leaving your group, that’s your responsibility.
  • If CEOs did absolutely nothing but act as chief talent officers, I believe, there’s a reasonable chance their companies would perform better. 

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